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February 02, 2016
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The true meaning of over the top (OTT) networking isn’t always understood—even by networking veterans.

Yet almost all of us use Over the Top communications apps—we just don’t always know it. Instant messaging, Internet telephony, and video conferencing are just of the few of the categories of apps delivered over the top.

So what is OTT exactly? Over the top communications apps are those services that bypass traditional network distribution approaches and run over, or on top of, core Internet networks. Skype, for instance, doesn’t own the communications infrastructure that delivers their VoIP and video services—they operate over the top of telecom carriers such as Verizon and ATT.

What makes OTT so compelling is that it’s cheaper (with no subsidies to incumbent providers), and highly flexible since there are fewer rules and contract obligations to hold you back. Another key advantage is that OTT isn’t beholden to traditional billing models from telecom service providers.

For SMBs looking to make the jump to voice and video communications over IP, OTT seems like a great option—but there are still some challenges to overcome.

The OTT Revolution

The new OTT apps, with free or lower-cost models, are forcing the well-established telcos to respond. Whether that response is more aggressive pricing, or pushing the greater reliability, Pleaser Radiant 709T Ankle Strap Sandal Womens Free Shipping Sale Online Outlet Affordable Footlocker Sale Online NfXz1
, performance (backed by quality of service and sometimes SLAs), and feature sets of incumbent offerings.

OTT first took hold amongst consumers. But like many technologies that started with the masses, OTT soon entered the workforce. Research from Software Advice shows that 60% of users exploit OTT apps at work, and nearly a third, some 28%, communicate exclusively over OTT. This includes text, IM and some form of VoIP.

Overcoming the Downside of OTT

OTT has offered tremendous innovation, but not all is perfect. Because OTT app makers don’t have full control over the networks they run on top of, quality can suffer. Poor voice quality for VoIP, jittery or lagging video, and glitchy screen sharing apps are a few of the results .

Simpler apps such as text and IM have fewer performance complaints since the data transferred is so small. In demanding corporate settings, unreliable performance isn’t always acceptable and more robust communications solutions are sought and procured.

OTT apps gain favor with SMBs because they don’t require an in-house IT department to maintain an intricate communications infrastructure. However, users experiencing quality issues won’t turn to the underlying network carriers—they’ll blame the OTT provider. To improve QoS for OTT voice and video over IP, service providers must control the network edge with dedicated session border controllers (ESBCs).

Are you concerned about ill-performing OTT tools? Is substandard VoIP particularly problematic? Contact Edgewater Networks and see how EdgeMarc ESBCs and the EdgeView VoIP support system can let you exploit all the features that OTT tools have to offer, while maintaining the performance standards that are important to your company.

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"I had no idea that once I became a Houston Texan cheerleader all of my dreams would slowly be shattered," one cheerleader said.
by Kalhan Rosenblatt /
Jun.05.2018 01:50
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Five former cheerleaders for the Houston Texans are suing the team, claiming they weren't paid for many of the hours they worked and were also subjected to bullying and sexual harassment.

The five women, Hannah Turnbow, Ainsley Parish, Morgan Wiederhold, Ashley Rodriguez, and Kelly Neuner, spoke publicly about the suit for the first time on Friday during a press conference with attorney Gloria Allred.

"I had no idea that once I became a Houston Texan cheerleader all of my dreams would slowly be shattered," Wiederhold said during the news conference.

The lawsuit, which was filed in Houston federal court on Friday, claims that the Texans underpaid the women and didn't compensate them for public appearances and other performances and job-related tasks.

Get breaking news alerts and special reports. The news and stories that matter, delivered weekday mornings.
Jun.02.2018 02:08

The women said they were paid $7.25 an hour, which is less than the parking attendants at the stadium where the team plays earn, according to Allred.

But for many appearances, including during international travel, the women were not fairly compensated for their time and were often not given stipends for things like food during the work trips, the lawsuit claims.

The suit also accuses the team of creating a hostile work environment for the women, and threatening them with losing their position for speaking up about their concerns.


Ex-Washington Redskins cheerleaders defend team, deny 'pimping' situation during Costa Rica trip

In some instances they were even physically assaulted, and told to "suck it up," the women said.

"I was attacked by a fan at a game leaving abrasions on my shoulder. My attacker was not approached, nor was he removed from the game. I was told to just suck it up," Turnbow said.

In a statement, the Texans defended its cheerleader program, saying it is constantly being evaluated and adjusted.

"We are proud of the cheerleader program and have had hundreds of women participate and enjoy their experience while making a positive impact in the local community," the statement from Amy Palcic, vice president of communications for the Texans, said. "We are constantly evaluating our procedures and will continue to make adjustments as needed to make the program enjoyable for everyone."

Beautiful and peaceful home with amazing staff. Nothing seems too much trouble for the staff here and my Mother-in-law wants for nothing. Just driving up the driveway gives enough confidence to know what to expect. As you enter the building there is always a welcoming greeting. There are daily activities for the residents so they don't get bored.

To sum up. I checked a lot of homes for my Mother-in-law and Lynhales seemed the best for her needs. She is happier now than she has been for years.

Average Rating: 5 out of 5

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Review submitted from a Website Submission by Pam R (Daughter of Resident) on Monday 28 November 2016 . Relates to November 2016.

Mum has lived at the home for 4 years and has dementia and mobility problems. The home are wonderful with her. I know I can leave her in safe hands, which is extremely important to me. The only thing I could complain about is the language difficulty some of the care staff seem to have. I appreciate speaking a different language is hard (I can't), but some have not mastered the use of English. The house and grounds are exceptional with an abundance of wildlife which my mum loves to see.

Average Rating: 4.7 out of 5

Lynhales Hall Nursing Home


Review submitted from a Website Submission by Sue C (Daughter of Resident) on Wednesday 23 November 2016 . Relates to November 2016.

Mum has been living at Lynhales Hall Nursing Home since May 2016 when her Dementia advanced and she needed 24-hour care. From my very first visit, I was so impressed with the welcoming and inclusive atmosphere that greeted me. I feel involved in Mum's care and can truly say she is happier and more settled than she has been for some time and responds so well to all staff members. Mum was always slightly aloof and very private and insular before moving but will now chat and dance and hug people she comes into contact with. Her poor appetite before she moved has been replaced with enthusiasm and enjoyment of all her meals through the patient coaxing and encouragement of all the staff. Lynhales Hall does truly have an open door policy and staff are always on hand to discuss concerns, however, trivial. I am always offered a hot drink even when staff are clearly very busy and always updated on any changes in Mum including treatments/appointments, concerns regarding her health and well-being. Thank you all

Average Rating: 5 out of 5

Lynhales Hall Nursing Home


Review submitted from a Website Submission by Samantha P (Resident) on Wednesday 23 November 2016 . Relates to November 2016.




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